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Hello!  I’m Carrie.  I am a Nutrition & Dietetic Technician, Registered and mom to four busy kids ranging in age from 5 to 15!  

I have just completed my dietetic internship and plan to take my licensing exam to become a Registered Dietitian in July 2017.  I am also in the process of becoming a Certified LEAP Therapist.  

I created this blog as a way to share my nutrition experiences, knowledge, and advice on preparing, incorporating, and enjoying healthy habits in your household.

Like many parents, I struggle with picky eaters, food defiance, and many judgements on the foods I do or do not feed my children.  Even though I have a career in nutrition, we are far from perfect eaters, but I like to think that we are heading in the right direction.  In this house, we love chocolate! (Hey, everything in moderation!)  

My intent is to be up front, honest, and transparent when it comes to everything I share.  We are real people; a real family living on a very real budget.  I truly believe that with a good sense of balance, moderation, and sensibility, it is possible to feed your family healthy foods while still being able to enjoy a brownie every once in a while.

I hope you will find inspiration, reassurance, and lots of yummy new recipes you can share with your family as well.

♥ Carrie